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Yar'Zanti Questions

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 7, 2014, 5:15 AM

Warning: If you have not read The Yar'Zanti Invasion 4: Coming Back, don't read this journal entry until you have.

Over on FurAffinity, fyrdawg (puppypolice on DA) asked me a bunch of great questions after reading Yar'Zanti Invasion 4.  At first I was just going to reply to his questions.  Yet instead I want to make them a journal for everyone to read.  Here are my answers to his questions:

*Plus it seems like Ado's brother is kind of a jerk. Well that and Commander Neris's little speech was very racist well and sexist.

Yea, Hordak really is a jerk especially after he became a Yar'Zanti.  I guess living with the Yar'Zanti for four years without seeing the humans have jaded his view towards his old race.  Made him much more callus to them.

As far as Commander Neris, yep, she is a bit racist and sexist.  Many of the women in the Yar'Zanti command are.  For most of Yar'Zanti history, their culture has been a matriarchy with the females holding all the dominant positions.  They are the war leaders, peace makers, and stateswomen.  It is very rare to see a male achieve any significantly high position within their society.

*It was nice the Brad got to see his daughter again, I'm curious if he'll get a chance to see his wife and son again as well. Well that and if he and his wife will ever get to be together again, now that he's been reborn.

About seeing his daughter, yea I liked that bit.  Information sharing is quite fast and easy for them.  Plus as shown, Mia is a gestation tech.  Thus it would not be too hard for her to keep an eye out for her father being reborn.  If and when he was, she could pull some strings so that she would be there when he was reborn, which she did.  (Notice Brad's wife did something similar when he was a slave.)  Because of that, it's not inconceivable for Brad to get in touch with his old family and if their schedules/postings allow it, see each other now as Yar'Zanti. 

*Now for the next big question. If he's back in the Chicago area, will it occur to him to bring up his knowledge of the human underground facility(s) and lead the Yar'Zanti to them? Of course if they did, it would make sense to bring the ground troops. The mech's you described don't sound like they'd go down the rabbit hole all that well. 

As far as using his knowledge to hunt down the humans, yes.  But then again, other Yar'Zanti reborn have been doing that for a while now.  It's one of the main reasons why the humans have been having a hard time fighting back.  The Yar'Zanti scan the reborn's mind and see what they knew.  Thus they can then go after humans as soon as possible.

*What caused the cataclysm on Yar?

The Yar'Zanti themselves caused the cataclysm of Yar.  By that time, their society had stretched out across a huge portion of the galaxy.  At one point far into their past they were a peaceful society.  Yet, inevitably wars broke out until they all merged into one giant war then it got vicious.  Soon whole colonies and planets were wiped off the map.  This war led back to Yar which received the worst of it.  In the end they inadvertently started the destruction of the planet and once begun, they couldn't stop it.  It also should be noted that by that point all their other colonies had been destroyed.

*How long have they been "harvesting" on earth? Were they just using us as a point to refresh their numbers, then decided to take the planet? 

Well, after they abandoned Yar, the Yar'Zanti roamed the galaxy looking for a new home.  (Also it should be noted that the original Yar'Zanti were long lived and slow to reproduce.  A typical original Yar'Zanti lived over 300 to 400 years and could only become fertile every ten years for one month.  Plus a typical pregnancy lasted over a year and could only produce one child.)  Then on one of their old colony planets they attempted to repopulate, the Yar'Zanti became infected with an old weaponized virus which had mutated.  This virus spread like wild fire and infected them all.  It caused them to become sterile.  Over the course of a century, the Yar'Zanti lost the ability to reproduce naturally.

They then tried all sorts of means to reproduce, cloning, fertility drugs, etc.  Yet none of that was really effective and produced only limited results, many of which died quickly.  Then one day they discovered the humans on earth.  Not only had the Yar'Zanti found another sentient species in the Galexy, but by a quirk of fate (though a few Yar'Zanti postulate it wasn't a quirk) the humans were biologically compatible with the aliens.  They first discovered the humans just after WWII.  The Yar'Zanti decided to take a more covert approach and experiment on them.  In the end, they found the humans to be the perfect way to repopulate their numbers.  Plus, it was easier and painless to revive and transform recently deceased humans then to convert already living ones.

The Yar'Zanti started rebirthing dead humans around the 1970's.  (The body must be no more than two weeks old and relatively intact to be viable.)  Before long this method became the only way to increase and revive their society.  Plus it should be noted that by this point there were very few original Yar'Zanti left.  Many of the vessels that made up the giant fleet were essentially ghost ships running on automatic.  Yet with this method, the Yar'Zanti population greatly increased.  By the time of the invasion, there were only a handful of original Yar'Zanti left.  The rest were all reborn.  It was these reborn Yar'Zanti who decided to take/retake earth as their own planet.

*Where did the Yar'Zanti memories that they are using come from? Are they from some kind of digital archive?

The memories that are implanted into the reborn came from many different Yar'Zanti.  Going far back before the cataclysm, the Yar'Zanti had the technology to scan and record a being's memories, not their minds and consciousness, but just their memories.  They then created a giant database for these memories, this was greatly increased after the destruction of Yar.  Originally this was used so those who had never set foot on the planet could have a memory of Yar.  Yet later on when they were rebirthing the humans, they used this repository to imbibe the reborn with these memories.  To make them think and feel like any other Yar'Zanti

*Just how does the gestation process work? and if they're transforming humans into Yar'Zanti, why do they retain some of their human facial features?

The gestation process is long and involved.  It includes rebuilding/changing the human's DNA and also their body to their core.  At first they tried the process on living humans, but they died painful horrible deaths.  The Yar'Zanti also tried changing their own reproduction systems to mirror the humans with painful useless results.  (It should be noted that the virus which made them sterile does not affect humans.) 

They realized rebirthing humans might be their only hope to reproduce again.  However once these reborn became Yar'Zanti, they also became susceptible to the virus and could not reproduce naturally.  In the end, the original Yar'Zanti realized that just rebirthing the humans were enough to repopulate their numbers.  After that they discarded any other attempt to reproduce naturally.

As far as their faces looking human, the Yar'Zanti facial structures were already pretty close to a humans.  (Again another quirk that some of the Yar'Zanti researchers are trying to figure out.  Some have theorized that the two species may have a common ancestor yet they have not found any historical/fossil evidence of that yet.)  About the only real difference between original's faces and the reborn's is that the originals only had two eyes, one on their face and the other in the back of their heads.  When they began rebirthing humans, the originals decided it was more advantageous to include a pair of human eyes along with the Yar'Zanti eyes.  Thus the reborn have three eyes on their faces and one in the rear.  The two horizontal are their human eyes while the two vertical are their Yar'Zanti eyes.  Though all four have the same type and quality of vision now.

*I know you mentioned that the Yar'Zanti had a problem with outright murder, which is why they don't just completely massacre the remaining humans. But are they also keeping them around as some kind of breeding stock? Do they need more humans for the rebirthing process then they currently have?

As for why they're keeping the human's around, that varies depending on which Yar'Zanti you speak to.  Some, like Hordak, just want to murder them all and get it over with.  Others remembered that they were once human and want to be as humane as possible.  They want to let the humans live their own lives freely.  While a large portion look at the humans from a practical point of view.  They see the humans as free labor and also as a breeding/rebirth pool.  Thus, they feel it's better to keep them caged then let them free.

These were good questions.  I had written a lot of notes/ideas on the Yar'Zanti.  More then what I might use.  Thus it felt good to tell you a bit more about them. 

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